GrandSlam Charters

The Fishing


Dorado are one of the most prevalent species we target. Beautiful to look at, great fun to catch and very tasty (they are known as the chicken of the sea!). These fish, also known as mahi-mahi can weigh up to 20 kilograms and are caught by casting, live baiting, jigging and trolling.

Longtail Tuna

Longtail tuna is another species that can be targeted by all methods. Growing up to 30kgs these hard fighting fish swim in large schools and when they are in feeding mode the action can be fast and furious. They can be found in the shallow waters close in as well as far offshore.

Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna is the largest of the tuna species that we chase. Whilst they often come inshore, the more preferred habitat is 50+ miles from harbour. These are amongst the strongest fish in the sea and locally they grow up to 100+kgs. We target these large fish by casting poppers and trolling and catching them is often a lifetime memory for an angler.


We are also privileged to have a good billfish fishery in our local waters with sailfish, black, blue and striped marlin and even swordfish being caught. Sails can be caught throughout the year and range from just outside the marina to the deep water. Marlin are generally found further offshore and it seems that late summer is peak season for them.

Other Fish

We also commonly catch skipjack tuna, barracuda, rainbow runner, trevallys, grouper, snapper, wahoo, cobia, amberjacks, kingfish (king mackeral) and queenfish so you never quite know what is on the end of your line!

Fujairah is the UAE’s seventh largest city and as it borders the Gulf of Oman it is a prime location for sportfishing.

Fish are caught all year round and with fishable weather of over 320 days per year, it is always a fun place to fish. Species that are caught include dorado (mahi-mahi), tuna (skipjack, longtail and yellowfin), sailfish, rainbow runner, barracuda and marlin.

Please note that we practice catch and release for all sharks and billfish but will gladly prepare other species that you catch for you to take home!